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Welcome, we offer a variety of garage door repair services. From rollers, to openers and much more

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Garage door repair and installation isn’t all we offer, we can also feature repair and installation services for gates.

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    Garage Door Installation Boynton Beach FL

    Garage Door Installation Boynton Beach FLWe have a broad range of garage doors that are major brands in the market with custom wood, aluminum, and steel we can install for you. Our skilled and professional garage door repair technicians can help you get the perfect materials, colors, trim package, and windows to fill your need and budget.

    We can ensure you’ll be satisfied with our service as well as the affordable price. Garage Door Repair Boynton Beach technicians are well trained, experienced, and certified. Our company has the right equipment for garage door repair services.

    We can dispatch technicans in as soon as 2 hours! To schedule an appointment, please call us at (561) 420-0617.

    Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

    Belt Drive Garage Door Openers
    Belt drive garage door openers are the most quiet openers in the market because of their material. While they are the quiet, they are usually more expensive than the alternatives.

    Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

    Screw Drive Garage Door Openers
    Screw drive garage door openers use less parts. This requires less maintenance. These openers are more quiet than chain drive openers.

    Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

    Chain Drive Garage Door Openers
    Chain drive garage door openers are the most economical. They make a lot of noise, but they are definitely reliable.

    Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

    Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Boynton Beach FL
    Jackshaft garage door openers are mounted on the wall instead of the ceiling. This frees up ceiling space. These openers are a good fit for high ceilings.

    New Garage Door Spring Installations

    commercial-garage-door-broken-spring - CopyIt can be hard to decide what kind of garage door springs you should get. There are two main types of springs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

    There is the torsion spring which is located right above the garage door opening. These types of springs are recommended for bulkier and heavier doors. Torsion springs are very strong and last long. They give the garage door a smoother movement. These springs have a winding motion.

    The other type of spring is the extension spring. This spring system is mounted above the tracks instead of the above the opening. Extension springs are generally more common and cheap. Instead of a winding motion, these springs stretch and extend.

    If you already have some old springs you are thinking about replacing, you may be able to extend their lifespan. If the springs make some noise, you maintain by applying lubricant on them. This makes them last longer and helps to reduce any noise that they have.




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